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//tammy bead making

updated mon 7 oct 02


gordon jones on sun 6 oct 02

tammy,afraid this would cause a problem,stick to shelf and the mess that
makes,not pretty.

for this reason we looked for the other options. bead tree only thing we
found for glazed beads.but the oxides (red iron,cobalt in small doses
due to cost) check the archives for all the oxide wash types we are getting
ready to try some new stuff also ,will let you know results.

had a gallery hop over the weekend and had a ball,another potter was doing a
raku demo in the streets and selling the pieces to bystanders to glaze and
then fired them on the spot .what an idea,streets filled with people(700 or
more) we might just make it.
gordon j
earthbound arts
winston salem n.c.

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