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casting slip formula for wood firing

updated sun 13 oct 02


Donald Burroughs on sat 12 oct 02

Any suggestions? I have Andy Martin's receipe which I have wood fired to
around cone 10 over about a 2.5 day period. However I am now firing with a
group of people where we fire to around cone 12-13 over a three to four day
period. I have been told by friend and collegue Paul Rozman who has
experience with Andy's casting slip it could very well melt like butter at
the temps I am currently firing to. The Martin receipe is as follows:

Ball 12
EPK 20
Grolleg 18
Custer 25
Flint 25
I believe If I were to lower the amount of Flint and Custer and increase
the porcelains slightly this might solve the temp. issue. Again any