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plaster wheelhead driving me nuts

updated tue 15 oct 02


Ian bogus on sun 13 oct 02

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, I have this old crapy Amaco wheel which is all I can afford right now. At some point within the past year a wobble appeared, which I found out makes throwing quite interesting. Instead of spending the money (which is tight at the moment) to find out if the problem lies with the wheelhead or the shaft I decided to pour plaster (plaster of paris is what I had on hand) on top and level it out. It worked great, but now I have another problem; the clay won't stick well. It is actually kind of interesting since it doesn't really come off either, it just kind of slides around the wheelhead as I try and work with it. I know that people throw on plaster so what's the trick? I tried only puting a little water on the plaster to make it damp (but not sitting on top), I tried soaking the plaster (again no water on top) I tried dry clay, hard clay, soft clay.... I did not sand the plaster after leveling it off so there is slight texturing. Though I was considering sealing the plaster with soap or some kind of sealent, I don't really care if I have to cut the pieces off the wheel. Any suggestions would really be greatly appreciated!! This

is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance,Ian

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Betty Fountain on mon 14 oct 02

Hi Ian,
I do all my throwing on plaster bats. Don't put water on the plaster. Rub
water on the bottom of your clay for a few seconds... then slam it down on
the dry plaster. Sticks every time.
Perhaps your problem is that because your wheelhead is plaster, it is
continually soaking up water with each pot you throw. It is the accumulated
moisture in the plaster that is keeping your clay from sticking.
Hope this helps...
Betty Fountain
Stonington, CT