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just put new web page of c10r chun (rutile blues) test tiles and

updated wed 16 oct 02


June Perry on tue 15 oct 02

recipes up

Kathy, I don't know what happened. I just visited the site and I didn't get
any advertising, other than a tiny little box at the top right of my screen.
I know that there must be advertising because all of these free web providers
do put up some type of advertising to pay for the free service.
I've had almost 1800 visitors to the site in the past week and you're the
only only who has mentioned an ad that they couldn't get rid of. I don't know
if that was from my web site or what.
I'm not getting large pop up ads, at least as far as I can see; and it might
be because of my Zone Alarm program blocking them. Or, maybe the ad was from
another site you had visited. I don't know for sure.
I know there are free programs, like PopUp stopper that you can install that
will keep those pop up ads from showing. Unfortunately, some web servers are
configured to shut you out of the web site if you have a software that
blocks their ads.
I know I have had the odd problem on other sites with getting an ad that I
couldn't get rid of. Usually I just hit the little minus sign and make the ad
small and get it off my screen; but that has been a rare occurrence.
I hope you were able to browse the site; and thanks for letting me know about
the ad. I'll have to watch out and see if it comes up when I visit the site.

Warm Regards,
June Perry