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updated fri 18 oct 02


Lily Krakowski on thu 17 oct 02

An immigrant returns to his old home village. Make that shtetl. His mother
immediately fixes him a meal of all his favorites. As he is eating, all the
neighbors drop in to hear stories of the Golden Land. And they ask about
other immigrants. "Have you seen so and so, how is he?" "Dead..."
"And how is so and so..? "Dead..." This keeps up for a while and finally
someone asks "How can they all be dead? Was there an epidemic?" "No,"says
the immigrant, "but when I am eating everyone is dead..."

Same here. Everyone I care about knows that when I am potting, everyone is
dead. Or why the God who created Man from clay created the answering

Actually I dislike that with my best intentions there is dust on the phone
which I would stir up and bring close to my nose, wrappings, gloves,