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copper carbonate/mortar

updated fri 18 oct 02


Lily Krakowski on thu 17 oct 02

while i have no knowldege of your copper carbonate problem, this works quite
well most of the time. Sieve the glaze through a fine sieve. Retrieve what
stays in the sieve and grind it in a mortar. Laboratory ones are findable in
junks stores, and, I am told, in confiscated property sales such as police
departments and such have.

Dan Bowen writes:

> The copper carbonate I recently recieved was a darker green
> than previous. From the archives I understand the paler version
> (powder like) which I have the most experience is hydrated and is more
> unpredictable with less copper. The darker green is more dence(granular)
> and goes to the bottom of my glaze bucket. I have experimented with CMC,
> bentonite and flocs. I do not have a ball mill. How do keep it in
> suspention or do I need to find a suplier with the lighter green color.
> Thanks
> Dan Bowen
> Eastville Virginia
> East of the Chesapeake Bay
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