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flexible slip help needed

updated fri 18 oct 02


Kay Howard & Phil Chaban on thu 17 oct 02

Hi guys--yesterday my gallon of flexible slip arrived. Collected leaves =
(they are dying fast). Brushed several coats on each leaf and left them =
overnight to dry. This morning found curled up leaves and not so =
flexible slip coating. So I obviously should have done something =
different to acquire those leaf thingies to put through my slab roller =
or otherwise impress slabs with. Should I have flattened the leaves =
out on plaster bats or some other surface, built a clay dam around the =
leaves and poured the fs over? Or what? I didn't receive any =
instruction book or directions--only what was on the bucket. How long =
does it usually take for this stuff to set up? was I too premature? =
Thanks in advance for any help.

Kay in Grass Lake, MI (35 miles west of Ann Arbor, 7 miles east of =
Jackson and 45 miles south of Lansing) Leaf lady hoping to extend the =
leaf season