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updated fri 18 oct 02


Dale Neese on thu 17 oct 02

Going to NCECA has been great fun and a wealth of shared knowledge of =
all things clay. I have started packing a sturdy heavy plastic container =
to bring anything back and forth to the conference. I don't carry on to =
the plane pottery tools, security will take them. Hassle. I baggage =
check everything in that plastic container, use the wire ties to secure =
the lid. The container is big enough to even get a tube of rolled =
posters back home undamaged. Tools, books, pyrometer, freebies, anything =
that I don't want to carry. On the way to the conference I pack small =
pots for friends, mugs for the ClayArt exchange as well as mugs for the =
scholarship sale. Nail clippers, corkscrew, extra wire ties, some =
clothes, scissors to trim my mustache. Can't tell you how many pairs of =
scissors have been taken from my carry-on bag traveling in the past. The =
only problem last time was finding someone with a pocket knife or =
something to cut the wire ties securing the plastic lid since I wasn't =
allowed sharp instruments on the plane. Had to borrow a knife from the =
hotel restaurant.
I breeze right through airport security now. See you there.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas