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flexible slip :a li' goof and source of

updated sat 19 oct 02


Stephani Stephenson on thu 17 oct 02

Earlier today I posted info about using flexible slip to make molds of
leaves .
I said I first adhered the leaves to glass or smooth surface with white
glue or Ross paste.
Ross paste, Wrong! Ross paste is a paper mache paste, I meant YES paste,
a paper glue.
not that you need YES paste... I just used what I had on hand . But
didn't want anyone looking for Ross paste for the wrong purpose...though
it is a GREAT gelatinous paper mache medium. (dunk paper in it vs. the
pulp kind)
BTW I have had a number of inquiries today on where to get flexible slip

have posted this before

but source is
Douglas and Sturgess, Inc

This company is a great source of info and materials for sculptors ,
moldmakers and stagecraft artists.
once you enter the site , go to "OTHER SCULPTURAL MEDIA & ODDS `N ENDS:
but also read up on latex section as flexible slip is made of latex and
their catalog is very informative as well.

(Retail and Will
Calls) 730 Bryant Street - San Francisco, California - 94107
(Warehouse and
Shipping) 1023 Factory Street - Richmond, California - 94801
1-888-ART-STUF - Fax: 1-510-235-4211

another material I have used of theirs is their paper mache...just add
water. this stuff is COOL! adheres to anything, sandable, paintable,

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA