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flexible slip continued

updated sat 19 oct 02


Stephani Stephenson on fri 18 oct 02

good luck!
as I am thinking about this more...
i did a large scale'leaf and botanical' mural a few years back.
found flexible slip because I wanted to make positive rather than
negative impressions of leaves and wanted to
use rolling pin or slab roller. I made impressions of bark. flowers,
technique and materials varied , depending on size, depth of detail,
etc. etc.

I also tried and used:

1. plaster press molds
2.LATEX molds which I ran through roller. these are MUCH more flexible
but also have more 'give' to them and don't impress detail as firmly,
3.Latex and flexible slip molds adhered to masonite and/or heavy canvas

4.flexible slip molds backed up by plaster
5.bisque molds

there was definitely some trial and error involved, especially since I
was using the product in a new way from it's original designation as
'mannequin rubber'

mostly the experimentation involved trying to find a material that had
enough 'give' in it to be rolled and yet had enough stiffness that it
would stand up against the clay, and transfer a good impression into
the clay.

Plaster...great detail and firmness, no flexibility.
latex, great flexibility and detail, not as much 'firmness to press
detail into clay'
flexible slip: great detail: in between plaster and latex on the
firmness and flexibility scales.

hope this helps

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA