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this "session" of crystal glazes

updated sat 19 oct 02


Ababi on fri 18 oct 02

This "session" of crystal glazes started from a combination of a three points: When I
learnt to make smooth bowls, got much better when I found at my supplier a proper
claybody for this kind of glazes: Vingerling's: WBO 4048 and the third point was my
"Simple crystal glaze" that "happened" while trying to make another crater glaze
using the high shrinkage of the unchained zinc oxide

Fara Shimbo's book was the right book for this moment as well as her site.
The clear simple and honest explanation of a person who knows a lot and not afraid to
tell what she does not know, makes me feel comfortable when I read her book.

I uploaded to my site some SCANNED jpg. Therefore the quality of the colors is not in
heaven, yet I hope you will see the shapes, after all: This is the main story!
I uploaded to my site the recipes of my glazes.
The other two were adjusted to ^6 by William Schran , they appeared in Claytimes, in
Bills article. Your trans-world-support Bill was perhaps the fourth point that pushed
me back to try crystal glazes.
I uploaded the recipes as well as alternative recipes, perhaps with the 900 frits
available in the "rest of the world" you will be able to rebuild the recipes better.

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel