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new page (group 4) of c10r test tiles and recipes just posted.

updated mon 21 oct 02


June Perry on sun 20 oct 02

I just posted a new cone 10R test tile page, (Group 4), with pictures and
This group contains 3 shinos, including a black carbon trap (I think Mel
asked about a black carbon trap a short while ago), a Tessha, another couple
of Iron reds, a chun base, a dependable celadon, a couple of light blues, a
nickel green, Shaner Oribe, a matt oatmeal, etc.etc.
To view, go to my home page (link or URL below) and scroll down to the bottom
and hit the link that points to C10Reduction Glaze group #4. Most of the
colors are showing true except for the dark celadon. It should be a very
dark, rich green and instead it looks brown! No amount of playing with the
color spectrum would get it right without distorting the other colors. Just
know that it's a beautiful, buttery, deep olive green.

Shambhala Pottery

June Perry