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updated tue 22 oct 02


gordon jones on mon 21 oct 02

lisa, welcome to the world of retail, its sunday and i just finished
working 60 hours in the shop this week,and also making and designing until
midnight each night and would not trade for any other life.
we are part of an arts district that now contains 29 shops and
galleries,some multiple artist studios ,we have 4 working potters and about
6 galleries that also sell work by outside potters.
we all try to work together and have a gallery crawl/hop whichever you are
able last month we had 2 raku firings in the middle of the street,it was
the greatest,people were truly amazed.
we make a meager lliving and do what we love, we make a lot more than just
pottery but when someone comes in the shop and says they love a glaze or a
wooden clock or handmade soap its the greatest feeling in the world.
my advice// go for the gallery cut back on car payments,refinance at a
lower rate ,cut every payment you can, keep the overhead low along with the
expectations and you will be happier than you ever dreamed even when its bad
it beats the best day i ever had working as an auto tech.

gordon j.
earthbound arts winston salem n.c.
friend reminded me(every man knows he is a sissy next to johny cash).
its raining and the temp. is going down ,spooks knocking at the door soon.

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