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updated tue 22 oct 02


Rebecca P on mon 21 oct 02

Hi Gordon,

By this post, you have explained the difference between making a living and
making a life. Many of us I am sure are with you in that experience. Keep
the spirit!

Rebecca Pierre
Oak Island, NC - where lovely, lovely Fall weather has begun to lift our
spirits and lighten our burdens.

>From: gordon jones
>Reply-To: Ceramic Arts Discussion List
>Subject: Re: //lisa new gallery
>Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 00:11:04 -0400
>lisa, welcome to the world of retail, its sunday and i just finished
>working 60 hours in the shop this week,and also making and designing until
>midnight each night and would not trade for any other life.
>we are part of an arts district that now contains 29 shops and
>galleries,some multiple artist studios ,we have 4 working potters and about
>6 galleries that also sell work by outside potters.
>we all try to work together and have a gallery crawl/hop whichever you are
>able last month we had 2 raku firings in the middle of the street,it was
>the greatest,people were truly amazed.
>we make a meager lliving and do what we love, we make a lot more than just
>pottery but when someone comes in the shop and says they love a glaze or a
>wooden clock or handmade soap its the greatest feeling in the world.
> my advice// go for the gallery cut back on car payments,refinance at a
>lower rate ,cut every payment you can, keep the overhead low along with the
>expectations and you will be happier than you ever dreamed even when its
>it beats the best day i ever had working as an auto tech.
> gordon j.
>earthbound arts winston salem n.c.
>friend reminded me(every man knows he is a sissy next to johny cash).
>its raining and the temp. is going down ,spooks knocking at the door soon.
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