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bubble bottom....... change to no-wire bats?

updated wed 23 oct 02


Catherine White on tue 22 oct 02

My partner made a number of 8" X 8" square masonite bats with pin holes in
two corners. I let my ware set and just lift it off. No wire.

Catherine in Yuma, AZ
Two ancient electric kilns. Both outside.
It never rains here at the Mexican border.
One partner, one kid, three cats. All inside.

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> Re: cutting plates from bats and leaving all that clay!
> Can the cutting off with a wire be avoided altogether by using the "hydro"
> bats I see advertised? it says "just simply allow
> your thrown form to stiffen and easily lift it off the surface. No longer
> will you cut through the bottom of your piece with a wire tool."