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was nceca, now s.d. potters guild

updated thu 24 oct 02


Andi Bauer on wed 23 oct 02

Don, No, the Potters' Guild is different than CASD. You do have to jury in
to the Potters Guild, anyone in San Diego County (and from other locations
also) can join CASD. In fact, for the CASD show at NCECA, the requirement
is that entrants be either residents of San Diego County OR CASD members
(so even if you live in LA or Ridgecrest or Tucson), you can join CASD. We
have lots of pretty cool workshops, usually on a monthly basis, and a
desert pit firing/ camping trip coming up in November. If you are
interested in CASD membership, I can put you in touch with our membership
person, John Conrad.


>Subject: NCECA
>Andi in San Diego,
>Is CASD the same as the Potter's Guild? I was hoping to get a chance to
>jury in as a member, to sell at their shows and so forth, but
>unfortunately they aren't accepting new members again. Any advice?
>Don Hunt (in San Diego)

Andi Bauer