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: rutile blue glazes

updated wed 30 oct 02


iandol on mon 28 oct 02

Dear June Perry,=20

Thanks for your interesting insights into this fascinating subject.

Do I read you correctly as saying that you get the effect both without a =
reduction cooling as well as with that process in your work schedule? =
So, via logic, Reduction cooling is not necessary?

Though you well describe how to vary the emphasis of the nuances of the =
colour there still seems to be no way to explain the cause of the hues =
we see.

The questions still remain.

Is it a chemical effect due to the colour of the minerals which are =
forming? Accepting your observations are correct this cannot be because =
fast cooling ensures a glass structure.

Or is it due to a physical effect due to one of the optical processes?

If it is, as you infer, a Chun effect then the notes of Kingery and =
Vandiver might provide us with an explanation.

Best regards,