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500 bowls comp copies in spring 2003

updated wed 30 oct 02


Suzanne Tourtillott on tue 29 oct 02

Hi All,
Just to let you know the latest on the complimentary copy (not
tearsheets!) of 500 Bowls that each accepted artist will get as a thank
Please realize the books will probably be available for sale through
the usual channels well in advance of the great day when the comp
copy arrives in your mailbox. Expect to see it in early spring of 2003,
and please be patient; they're printed in China, of all places.
If you've called "the publisher" you may have called our New York
office. For whatever reasons, you won't get a reply from them--they are
our marketing/distribution staff. And don't take it personally--there are
more of you than there are of us!
Call Lark Books if you need to, but now you pretty much know what I
Thanks to all,
Suzanne Tourtillott
Ceramics Editor