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wood kilns in town...smoke and other troubles for neighbors to be

updated wed 30 oct 02


Philip Poburka on tue 29 oct 02

anxious of...

What do we know of low-tech 'Scrubbers' or methods as may
allow Flue exhalations to be cooled and hence made

I can imagine some little trouble say, to match the rate of
a Fan suction, as in an extension of a Flue...or connected
to such, to 'push' the exhalations through simple
'water'...(as some hefty Tank mayitself be
cooled with evaporation and air...) to percolate and hence
to cool it...and while the Water may get nasty, the gasses
and condensations should be readily contained...

If the 'push' of a Fan (as may be in the leg of a 'Y')
should be regulated as one may, to match the rate of Exhaust
as one wants the Kiln to have at any moment, or as would be
if undisturbed...

Hence no rudeness to or from...or any anxieties from or
about one's Neighbors...

Just another 'Knob' to twiddle and care for...(or a Computer
run co-ordination...)and some simple items and some
ingenuity to get up...

Anyone ever done this?

I think I'd try it...if it were me...

Las Vegas

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From: "mel jacobson"
Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 10:27 AM
Subject: wood kilns in town

i take a bit of a different stance on wood kilns firing in
urban areas. i am totally against it.

we have to be sure we know what we are doing, how it
affects our neighbors, and how it impacts the community.

it only takes one person to have smoke or salt vapors
going through their house and you are out of business.
no matter how you puff or snort, vapors from a kiln cannot
breeze through others property. if my neighbor started a
brush fire each week (as he has done) and i have smoke
in my living space...i bitch. last week i called the city,
fire department and had it stopped. he is pissed at me...
`SO WHAT?` if my neighbor had a wood kiln, and i had
smoke coming through my house...i would kick ass.

my wood kiln is in a rural area. we can fire any
my salt kiln is in a rural area...clouds of vapor just go
through the woods.
no one cares.

nils' wood kiln (anagama) is in a rural area. smoke,
one is concerned.

our art center wants a wood and salt kiln.....we are plunked
in the middle of about 50 over million dollar houses and
do you think they are going to want wood smoke floating
there homes? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. we would build a six
thousand dollar
kiln, and take it down within six months.

no one firing a wood kiln can predict the wind direction.
it must
be considered.

merrie bourner lives rural. her big old kiln just snorts.
no one cares.
but, she is careful, and considerate of those that live near

not a soul in my neighborhood has ever known when my gas
fires. no smoke, no fumes. just heat patterns. i am very,
careful about things like that. one complaint, one letter
to the city
and i am out of business. free pots to the neighbors,
always. gifts
and care. i do not let cars stack up when folks are buying
pots. CARE AND

i am not sure of the case of the gal with the wood kiln.
that she may not have a case. i am not sending money.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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