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any crystal glaze experts?

updated fri 1 nov 02


Harrington on thu 31 oct 02

Well, I goofed, I think. I'm in the process of firing my first
macrocrystalline glaze, and while I've been waiting on the results, I've
been reading up on how they are done, and I believe I misinterpreted the
instructions in my cone 6 glaze book.

What I did was rapidly fire to 2012 F, then cool to 1922 over four
hours, then to 1832 over four hours, then to 1742 over four hours, then
cool naturally.

What I think I was probably supposed to do instead was rapidly fire to
2291 F, then rapidly drop to 2012 F, then repeat the cooling cycle.

So I think when I open the kiln tomorrow, I'm going to be horrified. My
question is: Can I do it over? Meanwhile, the electric company loves me...