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rutile blue.

updated fri 1 nov 02


iandol on wed 30 oct 02

Dear June,
What I put forward was by way of speculation. Until tested, then it =
remains just that. As you say, the way you apply a glaze and what comes =
out of the kiln from the treatment you give is what counts.
I am a bit confused though, wondering how Rutile Blue has become linked =
with Chun or Jun glazes. The analyses given by Nigel wood seem to show =
that what Titanium is in historic examples is no more than a chance =
impurity or minor accessory mineral in the rocks which were chosen.
Kingery and Vandiver also put forward the notion of the gas inclusions =
and then there is the possibility of immiscible glasses due to the =
Phosphorus factor.=20
There is so much that we speak of in pottery where conjecture has grown =
into received wisdom without any experimental evidence to support the =
concepts being proffered. This is a pity because the application of =
Chemical and Physical principles can sometimes point us in a better =
Thanks for getting in touch and putting forward your observations and =
giving us a glimpse of your methods.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia