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updated sat 2 nov 02


mel jacobson on thu 31 oct 02

it is very important for all of us that fire kilns
to be very, very careful with what we say, do and
expose ourselves to with our kilns.

this event with susan's kiln can spread fast to
other areas. people become fanatical about air
quality. most know nothing about it, but become
instant experts....and raise hell.

i have said many times...lay low. be quiet.
do not cause waves. EDUCATE, you never know who is
going to kick you in the crotch. and remember, wood kilns are
obvious..flames, smoke is hard to hide.

stove, fire place, going all year, that ainta much smoke.`

it is like populations trends, most people are still using 1960 data.
things change.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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OWLPOTTER@AOL.COM on fri 1 nov 02

It's not only wood kilns that can come under scrutiny. I fire electric kilns
in my walk-out basement, and have a huge vent (complete with fan) at ground
level on the side of the house. My neighbor several doors down turned me
into the EPA as polluting her air.

Luckily, I was firing the day they showed up at my door. They stood outside
near the vent and tested the air, poked around my kiln room, asked me
hundreds of questions and left. I never heard from them again.

-Carolynn Palmer
Somerset Center, Michigan