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exclusive - finally the truth about child education - revealed in a

updated sat 2 nov 02


LEX KILNS SA on sat 2 nov 02

message post about ceramic we are, we started to talk about ceramic, than genitalia, than
parenthood, and here below the solution to all the youth problems and
education riddles we were all trying to solve - thank you soo very much-
..and just as a note, romans and greeks works are locked away not because
they show genital parts - rather because they are expensive and those who
owns them keep them away - I am not sure where this person gets his/her
high-level knowledge of the ancient art current situation - my guess is
from the same textbooks where he/she gets the psychology and child-education
theories - National Enquirer may be ???

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Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 2:16 AM
Subject: Re: Penis garbage

One reason so many people need therapy is because of the isolation and guilt
they're forced to endure during they're younger, formative years.
Instead of teaching a future adult about responsible behaviour, and what is
appropriate when, the entire subject of sex becomes taboo. Reflect on your
own youth. You'll have to admit most of what was learned, or "mis-learned",
comes from peers and adolescent titillation at half truths. You'll get it on
the street. By not offering a truthful and honest environment at home, youth
becomes more vulnerable to those that create falsehoods to prey on them.

Of the people I know, the ones with the most stable sexuality and
relationships are the ones that were either raised on farms, or spoke openly
and honestly with their parents during their adolescence. Sex, life and
death were part of the way things work. You can put your head in the sand,
but sex isn't going away.
It's really a pity people can't handle sex. Some of the most incredible
ceramic works of the Greek and Roman world are locked away in vaults. The
very existence of many pottery, glass and mosaic works is denied. Sculpture
is hidden. The ultimate shame is that the ones that ARE offended are the
ones holding the keys, and keeping the rest from linking with our own
cultural history!!

(The subject line calling it garbage is a good example.)

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From: "Bruce Freund"
Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 7:55 AM
Subject: Penis garbage

> When trying to teach a younger-14 year old girl- about ceramics and she
> to the sight, which I showed her how to use ,to learn about ceramics and
> she reads PENIS jokes, how do you suggest I handle that !!!!!!
> What is next-vagina jokes.. I surely hope not.
> Please don't start telling me about the delete button and monitoring my
> child. Mr. monitor I think YOU should be using the delete button .
> Bruce Freund
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