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free photo display page

updated mon 4 nov 02


Phil Smith on fri 1 nov 02

June recomended posting plans & pix for Raku kiln to "One of those free
photo display sites".
Which ones are best, easiest,?...
Phil Smith.

Ababi on sat 2 nov 02

I can recommend the They give you free space for 3 months. I
pay them 30$ a year. The main point from my point of view is the possibility to write
"long stories"

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> June recomended posting plans & pix for Raku kiln to "One of those free
>photo display sites".
>Which ones are best, easiest,?...
>Phil Smith.

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Joy Hought on sat 2 nov 02

Hi Phil-

I just 'built' a little photo page at, it was extremely easy
- and free. Lord knows when I'll have time to make a real live web
site, I did this instead and am pretty happy with it. Mine's at the quality is only as good as the
photos you upload: the pics I took with my wannabe digital camera look
crappy; my slides look great. I know several other non-potters who use
yahoo for their photos and have never complained. I can't think of any
at the moment, but I'm sure other hosts offer this service too. Yahoo's
been around quite some time and is pretty stable. (now just watch,
it'll go belly up too...)

Good luck-


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