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wood kilns in rural places / potter's council issue?

updated sat 2 nov 02


John Baymore on fri 1 nov 02

It's not true that unincorporated areas don't have zoning laws. I found
out when I called about a wood kiln in an unincorporated area. I was told=

that they considered any kiln industrial and would only be allowed in an
industrial zoning area.
The non incoporated designation, where I lived in S.Oregon, only meant th=
is was jurisdicted by the county and not a town. In fact, in the town of
Ashland, on a regular, in town lot, permitted h a kiln up to 20 cubic fee=
as long as it wasn't to operate a business; but outside of town in the
unincorporated area, it was considered illegal according to the official =
spoke with. Go figure!


Thanks VERY much for this solid information. This is EXACTLY why I think=

all potters need to be looking at this Beecher case much more closely and=

supporting Susan in her unfortunate mess. The "go figure" factor you
mention is often typical of local governments "reacting" to specific
situations in general, and often in illogical ways.

There are more and more places that are starting to restrict kilns here i=
the USA. If, as a group of potters, we don't muster our OWN
support....... NO ONE ELSE WILL. To me, this kind of zoning and legal
issue is something that the Potter's Council should be strongly addressin=
at a political level. THAT would be a good use of some dues money.

If this keeps up, pretty soon the only place you'll be able to put in a
working pottey studio (other than for a hobby) is in a commercial or
industrial space. And I think we all know how prohibitively expensive th=
will be. This is about more of USA's rampant and creeping NIMBY-ism.



"Don't you just LOVE those beautiful wood fired pots by Joe Potter?" "
Yes..... I buy them all the time. By the way, did you hear that some guy=

is trying to build a pottery studio and wood kiln next to the Smith's? =

Terrible isn't it."

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