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is virginia potter-friendly?

updated sun 3 nov 02


e wilson farrington on sat 2 nov 02

Dear Clayarters,
We are considering a move to Virginia in the next couple of years, =
hoping for a little more open-minded population and an escape from the =
terrible air quality here in York, PA. We would like to live out our =
days farther south, among people who might actually buy my work! We both =
like Charlottesville and are also doing some fact-finding about =
Winchester, Bedford, and Dumfries.=20
We used to live in Durham, NC and loved being there. I have family =
in NC still, so we are looking at the southern part of the country-- =
Maryland-NC. Any info would be helpful about people's experiences with =
building kilns, ordinances, etc. I was able to find a few =
Charlottesville potters on the web, so I know there are potters working =
there. We are hoping for a fairly well educated population, decent =
weather, a receptive arts environment, and colleges nearby for events =
and possible teaching. That and lower taxes than we are currently paying =
would be just about everything. Beautiful and picturesque would also be =
great. Oh yeah, and cheap housing!!=20
Gee, did I cover all the possibilities?=20
Thanks a lot!---Willie