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mild reaction to penis plates and karen's woodfire posts

updated mon 4 nov 02


Joyce Lee on sun 3 nov 02

Lately I've refrained from posting Clayart
on the almost daily schedule I've=20
had for some time. My many posts, over a thousand now, left my screen =
and arrived on yours easily&surely .... Not
because I felt my words were terribly
worthwhile, but in order to keep the pot
stirred and to offer impetus to those who do know of what they speak =
...... those
who regularly provide claybuds with the
Gift of Experience and Love of Clay, well
articulated and replete with the richness
of the writers' need to keep us all safe=20
and growing. I
wrote also to express my feelings of the moment about clay, clay
folk and claybuds, including my deeply felt
appreciation for our clay Gurus.. Sometimes the clay reflections =
about and Life crept into the gaps since, truth be
told, I hadn't a lot to offer about clay but
have trod many paths over sufficient decades to qualify as an expounder =
Life, My Life anyway.

Karen's posts about woodfiring sparkled! I'm not a woodfirer but did
have the privilege of attending a=20
woodfiring workshop led by modest,
exemplary, talented Jack Troy
early on in my Clay Struggles ... so can
have more understanding than I might
have thought upon reading Karen's posts
several times. It's apparent that we have
another Guru sprouting in our midst ......
and I don't say that lightly. Many of us
are teachers as well as Life Long Learners, but Guru status is conveyed =
upon few. We're fortunate on Clayart to
have a couple dozen fully formed gurus ...
and as many waiting in the wings to make
that final push into the clay stratosphere
where they sincerely will Choose to Serve
claybuds everywhere .... not to
gain fame (or notoriety) for having their
names out there .....=20

The penis plates posts are something
else entirely. About a third of them have
suggested some artistic insights that, if not new to me, did provide =
some minimal expansion
to my thinking. Maybe a third were
funny .... but then bawdy and ribald sometimes appeals to most of us. =
other third or so re-created memories of
my few years teaching junior high ... when
every single day after lunch my sweaty,
overly excited contingent of male juveniles=20
rollicked into class anxious to share with
me (in the name of simply repeating what
occurred during lunch, so Anything Goes..... when we're "just =
repeating," that's all; we didn't say it ... no, not us) the
titillating scatological or anatomical stories
they'd "heard." Their excitement was
noticeably sexual in nature in their gleeful
freedom of saying the forbidden even to The Teacher. Okay for junior =
high .... normal
behavior ... and I accepted it as such by listening and suggesting more =
"adult" language for what they were trying to express ..... until voices =
weren't quite so
shaky and the hormones were as calm as they ever got .... then
we returned to the reason we were all
there ...... taking babysteps toward learning, growing, becoming
better people.... not remaining mired
in our seventh grade attitudes.

Now there's an idea.....=20

In the Mojave