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laguna 'crystal palace' 5

updated tue 5 nov 02


Jon Pacini on mon 4 nov 02

Greetings All--- The CP 5 formula is being discontinued as a stock Item with
our new catalog. However, it WILL still be available for those of you who
do have good luck with it as a special order item.
A new more stable glaze, "Crystal Blossom", is replacing it.
The firing cycle for this glaze when fired in a Skutt KM 818-3 looks
like this:

250*f per hr to 1250*F
350* per hr to 2100*F
50* per hr to 2150*F
Allow kiln to cool naturally to 1925*F and hold at this temperature 1-3 hr
Then---kiln off and allow to cool naturally.

This is the firing cycle used to QA this glaze and I get very consistent
results with it. Your kiln and application will of course affect the outcome
of the glaze. Variations in crystal firing cycles are as common as the
number of potters doing the firing, so experiment and enjoy. Or yell at the
kiln at the top of your lungs, I've been known to do this when opening a
crystal firing. Great release.
As for clay body recommendations with this glaze, on large flat tiles
I've used quite course stonewares and still had good results. On vertical
surfaces stick to smooth white bodies or porcelains for best results.

Jon Pacini
Clay Manager
Laguna Clay Co