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"checking" your wood

updated wed 6 nov 02


Karen Terpstra on tue 5 nov 02

We know our wood is dry enough for firing when it starts to "check" If =
you see cracks starting from the bark or outside of the log going in =
towards the inner rings (checking), it is becoming dry enough for the =
wood kiln. =20

Anther thing to look for is the bark getting loose and starting to peel =
off. I'm talking about WI oak and pine here, other woods my hold the =
bark longer.
Phil wrote:

..."Moisture content of Wood can be hard to acess
sometimes...and may add greatly to the appearant
weight...and may make guessing it's 'actual' weight, as it's
specific Gravity kind of weight, sans extraneous water, more
If it is cool to the lips, it is certainly not

Some days I love wood firing so much I could kiss the wood just for the =
heck of it. Other days....well..never mind.

sheeesh, i was going to stay away from Clayart for a few days. I have =
work to do.

happy firings,
karen terpstra
la crosse, wi=20