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//4 ga copper wire

updated wed 6 nov 02


gordon jones on tue 5 nov 02

kristin welcome to the world of do it your self. here in north carolina i
have found the major home improvement stores to be as useless as not having
one at all. they only keep what the average homeowner will need but we all
know that the potters are well above average.
enough of that, i ended up contacting the power company here locally and
they can come out and put a meter on the workshop and run the wire to said
meter all at a cost to me of only 50 bucks to pay for the meter,and then i
have a 200 amp circuit and a seperate bill to deduct from the tax man.
local high schools or trade schools will do the installation for the price
of materials and that makes a lot nicer job.
mine is on the bach porch while i am building a new workshop.
a breaker box is cheap and you can add stuff as you go.
only need 6 feet of wire for circuit almost pays for the cost of running
mine 100 feet.

gordon jones
earthbound arts winston salem

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