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kissing your wood

updated wed 6 nov 02


Marta Matray Gloviczki on tue 5 nov 02

Karen Terpstra wrote:

>Some days I love wood firing so much I could kiss the wood just for the
heck of it. Other days....well..never mind.

that sounds like a perfect quote for the
"you are a potter, if..." collection of sayings.
in snowy minnesota

Merrie Boerner on tue 5 nov 02

There is a certain rhythm two or three potters get in to when splitting
wood.....I like to call it "dancing".....kissing optional.
We dance a lot when firing.......Nov. 15 we load #18 firing of Mother. If
you are near central Mississippi....and would like to see some incredible
flames and meet some talented potters......for a good, kickass woodfiring
time, e-mail me.
PS...yes, I've been off for a while, with family problems.......I'm lurking
and getting inspired again.
I forgot to "touch the clay every day".....but I am back.
PS to the PS.....the first post I read when I got back on Clayart Mail was
about penis....something or other....I deleted my I did
with my "wood" response. Mississippi wood and my kiln are unique.
I've been through so much in the past 5 is good to be back.