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wood kilns 2 and electric kilns

updated wed 6 nov 02


John Baymore on tue 5 nov 02

It's not only wood kilns that can come under scrutiny. I fire electric
in my walk-out basement, and have a huge vent (complete with fan) at grou=
level on the side of the house. My neighbor several doors down turned me=

into the EPA as polluting her air.

Luckily, I was firing the day they showed up at my door. They stood
near the vent and tested the air, poked around my kiln room, asked me
hundreds of questions and left. I never heard from them again.


Thanks for chiming in here with the above comments. Glad you only had an=

"annoyance" and nothing truly negative really came of it. =

This kind of stuff that is happening more and more is the reason that I a=
so concerned with the Beecher case. If we, as potters, let all these typ=
of cases go unchallenged...... lots of precedents will be set for "kickin=
the potters out"........ and pretty soon we will have nowhere to make pot=
except true (expensive) commercial or industrial spaces.



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