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1250 bowls in 3 hrs.

updated tue 12 nov 02


Dale Neese on mon 11 nov 02

Yes, but not what you were thinking. The San Antonio Potters' Guild held =
it's 3rd annual Empty Bowls project yesterday at the Southwest School of =
Art and Craft. As treasurer and "Bowl Master" I can say that we raised =
close to $17,000. generated by the sale of ceramic bowls, T-shirts, and =
the silent auction. All of the bowls, art work, delicious soup and bread =
from generous area restaurants were donated to the event. All proceeds =
from the Empty Bowls project will benefit a local food bank program. =
Before opening at 11 A.M. we had a long line of eager customers =
stretching into and around the parking lot. Our volunteer members and =
families, served soup, sold t-shirts, monitored the auction, bussed =
tables, worked the kitchen plus other tasks that made this year an =
outstanding success. I am truly proud of our membership! Thanks to =
So with this years event over I will be going nomail, taking a few days =
off traveling after instructing my pottery class this morning. Look for =
me in the "Musical City".
Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas