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fake ash

updated tue 9 nov 10


Jerry Coleman on mon 11 nov 02

From Jerry Coleman:
If you look at the website of the British magazine Ceramic Review on I know that fake ash glazes have been discussed sveral
times in the magazine over recent years. They have an archive search and you
can order copies of articles by post. There was an article in Ceramic Reviem
number 196 by Charles Stileman which talked about fake ash.
Good Luck...

Ababi on fri 15 nov 02

I believe when you want to make an fake ash glaze,
you need,
Bone ash,
you need about 1% of manganese dioxide,
You need calcium and magnesium,
and alumina silica too,
a bit cobalt or copper.
The most you need the feeling of the glaze.
If you will make it with totally different flux and the professional viewer will be exited
than it is fine. If it is fake or the way I like to call these glazes "following" than you look
for the seen the touch not for the "fake".
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel

Lili Krakowski on mon 8 nov 10

The substitution you want to make, Randy, will raise both the alumina =3D
and the silica...Your new glaze will be more refractory.

My own road would be to use some wollatonite...your original can use =3D
more alumina and silica--and add some boral frit a little at a time...
Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage