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copper yellow for jim

updated fri 15 nov 02


Hank Murrow on sat 9 nov 02

> Jim Brooks writes:
>> I read a lot.. maybe to much.!!!. Recently, I came across a
>> reference to
>> "Copper Yellow"... I have not found any more information about
>> this.. Does
>> anyone know anything about copper yellows.. or can anyone point me
>> in the
>> direction of more information?
>> Thanks Jim in
>> Denton...
Dear Jim;

As John Britt mentioned, my Copper Yellow is published in Ian Currie's
book, "Revealing Glazes". I don't have the recipe or formula here in LA
with me, but it uses 74% Neph Sye, and more or less ordinary remainder
materials. it does not have Titanium, save what comes as impurities in
the other materials. That Ti MAY be important. I tried it on a grolleg
body once and it turned out tan. You do need to fire it in Ox to C/10,
and I prefer a gas kiln for this. I think electrics are too neutral. A
soak around 1800 F during the cooling helps develop the color. Check
Ian's book for the recipe and more.

Cheers, Hank

John Britt on wed 13 nov 02


Hank's recipe is for Copper Yellow is:

Nepheline Syenite - 74.2
Whiting - 3
Dolomite - 5
Zinc Oxide - 2.2
McNamee Kaolin - 8
Silica 7.6

Copper Carbonate 1.5
and vee gum 1

I was mistaken about the titanium. He says it is best on titanium based

Hope that helps,

John Britt

Mike Gordon on thu 14 nov 02

Hey gang,
am I supposed to guess at the temp and atmosphere??? Mike Gordon