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gallery lawsuit

updated sat 16 nov 02


Bobbruch1@AOL.COM on fri 15 nov 02

would be applicable for small claims court. I have used this route before
and it really takes little hassle and is fairly easy, and the payment is
often given at the same time as the hearing.

I have had to use small claims court on several occasions, and I found that
people often don't get serious about payments until after you file the small
claims suit - and show them that you are really serious. I have settled
several issues by merely filing the small claims suit. Having said that, it
is sometimes better to settle something at the halfway amount rather than go
through the hassle and waste of time and emotional energy of dealing with it.
As you said, you could easily make up the $$$$$ by spending the time in your
studio rather than continuing to deal with this issue. Also, if the gallery
has any chance of going under, it might be best to get something now. It
just depends on how you feel about the situation. If there is enough moral
outrage, then it might be worth your while to file.

As for collecting, I do not know if this is correct, but there may be some
collection agencies that will add their fee on top of the court ordered
judgment. Are there any attorneys who know if this is possible.