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sing hi, sing low--and don't wash the dishes...

updated tue 19 nov 02


Lily Krakowski on mon 18 nov 02

Am a bit eggstatic from a wonderful weekend, and being on a high protein

HOWEVER. Ababi's reported experience with the fading yoghurt bowl is a
dandy reminder that UNLESS ONE KNOWS FOR SURE a good new pot does not go
into the dishwasher. There is a real reason why pottery often is marked
"dishwasher safe."

Which brings me to the pottery that might be fired hire and then refired
with low fired underglaze or whatever..... Before I would go that route I'd
do a couple of samples and see how it all comes out in the wash. If the
objects are functional then subject them to the tortures they will encounter
in real life: dishwasher, hand dishwashing, dusting with treated or damp
cloths; cloths with a bit of ammonia or vinegar in them, and so on.
Our customers, some of them, have ambitious cleaning people, particularly in
offices, or themselves do things like dust and clean....

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Be of good courage....