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studio heat - woodstoves and whether they'll burn all night...

updated fri 22 nov 02


Philip Poburka on thu 21 nov 02

About any old chubby Iron Stove will happily burn all night
IF you bank it right, and are burning Hardwood. Coal is
better even, but I never had any to burn.

Have a second Damper of sorts, in a 'tee' in the flue as
lets the flue draw air from the room, as well as from the
Stove, or through it. Mine is called a 'Walker Fuel Saver'
and was made about 1940. I should suppose they still make
them. If not, one could make their own. They hinge and open
or close on their own, with a little counterweight adjusted
as respond to the pull of the draw, and allow room air into
the flue as according to the draw of the flue.

The room must let some air in lest the air you have will get
stale. Modern 'tight' houses or rooms as especially if
people can 'afford' it, have them breathe the same stale
indoor air all Winter and wonder why they feel torpid.

The thicker the pieces of Wood, the longer they are disposed
to burn.

You may learn to run a Stove so it works at it's best, and
gets the most it can from the Wood you feed it.

For some reason, almost no one I ever knew seemed
interested, or perhaps able to run a Stove.
Even people as grew up in the 'Counrty'...see 'em never
touch the wide open damper, and complain on all the Wood it

One may do better than that...and being interested is a good

Las Vegas

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From: "Ilene Richardson"
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 6:14 AM
Subject: studio heat

Wow! Everyone from all over the world has had suggestions
that are
great. I have spent over $300 on insulation and we are
working on getting that all up and its getting warmer as we
do it. We
also put in a ceiling fan which really made a difference in
getting the
heat off the ceiling and bringing it down to me.

I don't think I'll go the way of kerosene because of it
being a fuel
and it needing to have fresh air coming in all the time to
the waste products and carbon monoxide dangers. THe wood
stove is too
much and it won't stay on all night. Currently there is an
oil filled
closed radiator which is working fairly well, not quite warm
keeping it at 50 to 60 degrees. I'm sure its cosing me
$$$$$ to run
that. I was curious what other types of efficient heat
people were
using in their studios.


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