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studio question (how do ye heat 'em...?)

updated fri 22 nov 02


Philip Poburka on wed 20 nov 02

Dear Ilene,

Nice big fat old Cast Iron Woodstove...

Get 'er humming and she'll burn anything.

Will puddle Aluminum nice as pie...if you adjust it right,
and let 'er roll.

Isenglass Windows...and an old 'Walker' Fuel Saver in the

Can work in the (1600 sq. ft. thereabouts, and twelve foot
Cieling of) Shop wearin' a tee-shirt, when there is ice
in the Kitchen Sink.

Climb a Ladder to change a 'bulb', and by god it's 'warm' up
there 120 130 maybe...( not like the Bible says...)

This Winter been mild and sweet so lucky me...more
like early Autumn of Days...

Wood Stoves, being as they draw Air, pull in 'new' and pump
out the 'old' things are not so 'closed', and shouldn't
be, either.

Beats the living hell out of 'electric' Heat anyday.

That's my recommend...

Ye can roast Chestnuts on 'em too...or melt 'pennies' (the
new ones) or make Coffee or heat that Soup...

Works out nice in many ways...a nice 'Light' if ye want to
just curl up and set there...

Las Vegas

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ilene Richardson"
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 6:44 PM
Subject: studio question

I was wondering for those of us who are in cold climates,
what type of
heat people are using in their studios? I am just finishing
up building
my studio and now the issue of how to heat it needs to be
researched. I
have an oil painter friend who suggested kerosene heat,
however I am
curious what others are using.


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