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testing of burners for btu output - information

updated fri 22 nov 02


Steven Lee on thu 21 nov 02

The burner is a single cast piece going from a 1.5cm opening to a 3.4cm
barrel opening. It is currently drilled with a # 50 orifice (or at least as
close as my micrometer can get to reading it. It might be a tad bigger.
The O.D. of the Barrel is 4cm with an I.D. of 3.4cm
The pipe fitting on the end is 1.5cm (fits a 1/2 inch NBT connector)
and it is supplied with air through 4 primary holes near the orifice each
11mm across. Secondary air is supplied through six holes set in the reducing
bell of the burner, each being 8mm across.
On 8psi it gives a nice blue flame just over a foot long. It seems that at
lower pressures below 5psi there is more orange and red.