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rats!! burners again

updated sat 23 nov 02


Craig Martell on fri 22 nov 02


Let me rephrase my less than compelling question about orifice
function. I've received some off list responses and some folks understood
what I meant even though I was err........somewhat vague.

A number 37 orifice is pretty much equal in surface area to three number 53
orifices. At the applied pressure of 5 psi they will generate about
260,000 btus per hour. So, my question is: Will the three number 53s
entrain more air due to having a higher exit velocity of propane over the
one number 37 orifice. This is assuming that the pressure is maintained at
3psi. My manifold pressure is 15psi and my regulator will handle 2.5
million btus per hour.

There's no question that the velocity and pressure drop thru the orifice
would be greater for a number 53, over a number 37 if the orifice was a
single number 37. But would this still be true for a triangular
configuration of three number 53s.

Thanx and I will be responding off list to those nice folks who responded
to me off list. Gimme a second though. I have about 30 Chatzskis in the
spray booth that need some attention. Know whut ah meen? I think you do!

later, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon