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studio heat...and or keeping only some things from freezing...

updated sat 23 nov 02


Philip Poburka on thu 21 nov 02

One may make a small 'closet' for storing things as one
should not want to freeze.

Insulate it well, and it may be heated with a single
lightbulb, or some small 'calrod' thing or other.

Or, with venting, with a tiny Gas flame heater even...about
like a 'Pilot Light'...

Las Vegas

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From: "primalmommy"
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 10:30 AM
Subject: studio heat

I have two sources: for classes, or when I'll be out there
all day, I
use a little pot-bellied wood stove in the
corner. I have cement board behind it and every time I
hammer a pot i
cement the bits to the wall behind the
stove; one day it will be a tile mosaic.

The problem, though, is how to keep glazes and wax resist
and such from
freezing. I bought one of those
electric radiators -- I needed something that wasn't going
to blow air
or keep dust circulating. It's not cheap to
run (electricity is $pendy here) but set on its lowest heat
w/ the
thermostat all the way down, it can sit in the
glaze bucket corner of the studio and seems to do the job. I
also turn
it up a bit when I have students there,
since the wood stove is like the old country schoolhouse:
hot in one
end, cool inthe other. I have a ceiling fan
but again, don't want to stir up dust.

Yours, Kelly in Ohio... embarrassed to death that I put
in my parody moderator's post...

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