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waiting for the sun (studio heat)

updated sat 23 nov 02


Dale Neese on thu 21 nov 02

Don't need much heat during the winter here in South Texas. So when I =
build my small studio some years ago I tried using passive solar stuff. =
Have 10 windows and one sliding glass door in the south facing wall. =
Right about now the sun is pouring through onto the gray painted =
concrete floor during most of the afternoon. With the building well =
insulated, weather stripped and closed during the night I don't have a =
huge drop off in the temperature. I pull down the shades to cover the =
windows and door at dark. That helps some on the night time heat loss. I =
can't remember it even getting close to freezing in there for days at a =
time. The bright sun coming in the windows during the winter is great. I =
do use shades to keep it from over heating while working but that is =
just how you adjust. I have had to turn on the small kiln once or more =
when there were a bunch of cloudy days in a row just to keep it from =
going near freezing at night. Now that I don't use the small kiln much =
any more, need the space and donating it to the school, I probably will =
get a small heater with a thermostat to take over. =20
I would suggest that for anyone going to build a shop or studio that =
they use the passive solar heating ideas and consider applying them to =
the construction.
Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas