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while on the subject of studio heat

updated sat 23 nov 02


Wood Jeanne on fri 22 nov 02

Greetings Everyone,
Last year one or two letters mentioned how using an
electric blanket to keep clay from freezing during
cold weather could cause a fire. However, the letters
didn't go into detail.

I don't work in my studio daily, I use wood heat, and
it gets well below freezing during the worst of the
winter months. An electric blanket seems like a good
solution for me...if it was not dangerous.

Please, would someone on this list tell us why an
electric blanket set on low over clay could cause a
fire? And if there are some adjustments that could
eliminate the problem?
Thank You,
Jeanne W.
In N.Idaho where it's still above freezing...for
awhile, I lost my wax resist to a cold snap about a
month ago though :-(
And thinking of Cher.

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