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more sides to my crystal glaze tests

updated sun 24 nov 02


Ababi on sat 23 nov 02

I wonder sometimes how to open a letter Hi? Hello folk? Dear list?
OK , let's leave it
I uploaded more sides to my crystal glaze tests

My base with "local" European materials.

Cone 6 1222 deg.C. -

FRIT A 2120 p 45.00
ZINC OXIDE calcined 23.00
SILICA 20.00
RED CLAY calcined 10.00
Lithium Carbonate 2.00

Seger Weight%
KNO 0.362 13.28%
CaO 0.088 2.89%
MgO 0.005 0.11%
ZnO 0.497 23.66%
Li2O 0.048 0.83%
Al2O3 0.054 3.24%
SiO2 1.594 55.98%
K2O 0.009 0.49%
Na2O 0.353 12.79%
Al:Si 29.27
Expan. 10.47
ST 334.21

Slide 9 - the end

Tested different claybodies Limoge was the best. I made wares in many different
shapes as Fara Shimbo offered in her book the results you can see yourself.
Some of the results were not so much "crystal" more like my trying to duplicate
reduction firing, I tried different coloring. I did not write details because you cannot
duplicate frit 2120 with insoluble materials. Of course I shall send the details if anyone

Slide 10: Fara in her site and book, offers an artificial "crystal-seed" from Poland, I
tried to seed,after bisque a mixture pre heated made of frit and zinc.
It did not succeed but perhaps it was a new direction.

If you test your crystal session, and there is a leftover, try it on your regular
stoneware, remember that it is a very runny glaze, only for decorative use. I have here
in front of the computer three tiles, on my simplest stoneware and I enjoy seeing

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel