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anchorage schools

updated fri 6 dec 02


Kris Bliss on thu 5 dec 02

Hi all, as the question about anchorage clay classes, i did respond off list
but thought i would let you all know what's going on (or not) up here.
First we have no clay suppliers for potters, a couple for pour and paint but
they have limmited contact with potters.
Second, and to private type classes, we had a limited few and two of them no
longer offer classes, there are two left that i know of. I believe they are
a beginner-intermediate type situation.
Finally there is a very good program at the university and i would recommend
it highly. We have had quite a few students go on to some great grad schools
outside. we have been blessed with a steady stream of wonderful talented
professor/teacher types over there.
There have been thru the years many workshops put on by the university, the
local guild and potter peter brondz...

thanks, and may the forms by with you.....
Kris bliss in sunny anchorage, where there is STILL NO's balmy

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