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classes as christmas gift.

updated fri 6 dec 02


Timakia@AOL.COM on wed 4 dec 02

Hi everyone. I got a suggestion from some of my students to offer christmas
gift vouchers for pottery classes. Did anyone do this before and if you did,
how do you word an advert like this in the classifieds? I found that the
classifieds offer better value for money than retail adverts. Any other

Antoinette Badenhorst
105 Westwood circle
Saltillo, MS

Tjo62@AOL.COM on thu 5 dec 02

I sold classes last year and it went really well. I gave them a nice
brochure that was marked paid and listed the dates of the classes. And one
person requested a little block of clay to include in a gift box. Another
person purchased a tool kit to include with the gift. Other suggestions
could be to include a little towel, bucket, sponge, and apron. It would make
a nice holiday gift.