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guild show selection

updated thu 5 dec 02


Lily Krakowski on wed 4 dec 02

As I fervently believe in this kind of show, I have given the problem
thought over the years since I belonged to such a guild in NYC.

The virtue of these shows lies in people being able to show what THEY want,
and show the best of what they have done that year, at little cost to them,
without needing slides, and forms, and fees, and without needing to
pretzelize themselves to please jurors.

So keeping it open and easy is important.

The guild I belonged to simply divided the space available by the number of
potters. Everyone had equal space, to decide how to use. ergo, some people
showed six pots, and some only one. That is the first possibility.

Possibility two is to require all members to perform certain chores--that
would include attending at least x% of meetings, spending at least y hours
in doing the scut work. That will eliminate those who join only to be able
to enter the show.

Possibility three would be to have TWO shows. Maybe one for functional, one
for non-functional. Or one for high-fired, one for low-fired. There seems
to me to be little reason, even if it is selling show, not to have one show
in November and one in December. Or one in Spring and one in Fall...This
ultimately might split your guild into two sections, which, if indeed it is
growing apace, might do no harm.

Good luck, good wishes.

Lili Krakowski
P.O. Box #1
Constableville, N.Y.
(315) 942-5916/ 397-2389

Be of good courage....