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ideas for displaying pieces at sale?

updated mon 2 dec 02


Elizabeth Fisher on sat 30 nov 02

Have opportunity to display my small sculptural pieces (15 or so @ c.
8 -12'' tall/wide) for first time at an arts and crafts sale. Others
will display, and I will have a small area to do with as I wish. Need
to be able to hang some pieces. The rest will be able to sit or stand

Ideas for movable "systems" would be great. Don't want to spend a lot
of $. Could do some fabrication.

Thanks, Liz Fisher

L. P. Skeen on sun 1 dec 02

From: "Elizabeth Fisher"
> Have opportunity to display my small sculptural pieces Need
> to be able to hang some pieces. The rest will be able to sit or stand
> upright.

To make a hanging display, you can use either pegboard (masonite board
drilled with holes about every inch or so) or hardware cloth. Either of
these can be nailed/screwed/stapled to a wooden frame, which you can then
paint whatever color you need. There are hook thingys made especially for
use with pegboard; you can use S hooks with the hardware cloth. All this
stuff is available at Home Despot. The pegboard is prolly your best bet if
you just need a small display; they have 3x4' (I think) pieces already
precut for you. Then you can get them to cut a 2x4 to make the frame, and
you're in business.

As for the rest of your display, I'm assuming it will be on a table. Be
sure to drape your table to the floor if possible, and use risers and
draping to bring your pieces up off the table top. (Draping means fabric,
ie: tablecloths or yardage of other fabrics, usually in colors/patterns
neutral to what you're displaying so that your work stands out.)

Good luck!

Marcia Selsor on sun 1 dec 02

Dear Elizabeth,
For a display booth with a display for hanging, I cut 4x8 peg board
sheets, added a rigid frame, and hindged three sections. I also hindged
them to shelves that stood to the side. It was very stable. I had 8 8ft.
shelves which was for a display of our co-op..too much (imho)
You could get by with and investment of under $200 if you used less
boards for shelves. These shelves were reinforced with 1 x 2 on the
underside and pegged with bolts into "ladder " shaped supports which in
turn hinged to a tritych of peg board. 2 pieces of peg board with one
cut into 4 x 4 and the other cut to 4 x6 attached to 1 x 2 legs might
work for you. You could also try 2 x 4, 4 x 4, 2 x 4 and use only one
piece, ..just a suggestion.
Good luck.
Marcia in Montana

Susan Fox-Hirschmann on sun 1 dec 02

When I first started doing shows, oh about 24 years ago
I used different sizes cardboad boxes, in assorted sizes and heights that I
painted light gray, and strapped them up like pedestals for the shows...then
wrapped each in velcro fabric and made tops for each with light clear plastic
cut for me, that I also covered in the same fabric. Looks great! clean,
sleek but not good, of course for outdoor shows.

Best of luck
Annandale, VA