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aquarius art gallery welcomes cecilia lieder,

updated mon 9 dec 02


Tony Ferguson on sun 8 dec 02

Master Print Maker--Press Release

AquariusArtGallery welcomes Master Print Maker, Cecilia Lieder

Cecilia Lieder has been making hand made prints for over 35 years. A =
native of Minneapolis, she now lives in Duluth's East Hillside =
neighborhood in a 111 year old house creating her art and sharing it as =
a local art instructor, active community artist, and involvment in grass =
roots organizations reflecting her committment to making a difference in =
cultural awareness. Cecilia's work brings a depth, feeling and realness =
to her viewer through her creative abilities.

More information can be found in detail about Cecilia and her work at:

Consider taking a look at Cecilia's fine art prints. They are =
breathtaking and worthy to stand among some of the best Japanese prints. =

Review of "Bounty" by Sinclair Hitchings, Boston Public Library:
"A teacher and artist of broad aesthetic and technical range, Cecilia =
Lieder produced a body of accomplished lithographs [and woodcuts] at EES =
[Experimental Etching Studio]...Bounty is a fifteen color woodcut =
printed from ten different woodblocks. Its vivid colors, and its texture =
and detail, are reminiscent of late nineteenth-century ukiyo-e prints =
which combined the use of brightly hued aniline dyes with spectacular =
virtuosic printing techniques. However, this image has a =
twentieth-century feel. It recalls works from the shin hanga or "new =
prints" movement which flourished in Japan from about 1915 to 1940. This =
style combined the technical refinement of the ukiyo-e with imagery =
influence by western art and by Japan's own avant-garde printmakers of =
the previous generation. Bounty is parallel to shin hanga in its =
combination of literal naturalism and expert woodcut =
technique...Lieder's woodcut maintains an even, sharp focus over the =
entire composition. Paradoxically, one effect of this intensity is to =
shift our focus away from the fruits and vegetables to the forms and =
colors, and their balanced, pleasing abstraction."

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
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